The Leaf Company purchases Tasman Mowing of Motueka

Tasman Mowing is now part of The Leaf Company

Tasman Mowing & Maintenance is a well established mowing and property maintenance business that has been providing professional services for schools, lifestyle blocks and urban backyards in the Tasman region for many years.

The Leaf Company Ltd is proud to have acquired Tasman Mowing, giving it the opportunity to invest in further mowing equipment to meet the demands of customers, while complimenting its existing services.

Tasman Mowing of Motueka is now part of The Leaf CompanyTasman Mowing has a small tractor mower that is a familiar sight in the region with a finishing mower for big lawns and a slasher for overgrown areas and light scrub.

John and Pippa, Leaf Company owners, say Tasman Mowing’s tough 4WD Husqvana tractor will join forces with The Leaf Company’s Walker Catcher Mower so all aspects of ride on lawn mowing are catered for.

“We are confident we can offer existing Tasman Mowing clients great customer service and will take pride in maintaining their properties and sharing with them the considerable skills and resources that The Leaf Company can offer”, says John.

“The Leaf Company aims to be a trusted owner operated brand and can now offer a broader range of services to compliment John’s farming experience and skills”, says Pippa. “For me it is really exciting and seems like all the jigsaw pieces fitting in together. There is always room for improvement so there are still a few more pieces of the jigsaw to fit in!”.

John drives the Tasman Mowing truck

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