Providing animal care during the owner's holiday

Animal Care

Stock Animal Care - Goat Foot TrimmingMost lifestyle blocks would not be complete without at least a couple of stock animals like sheep, pigs, cattle or goats. Most of the time everything is fine but at certain times of the year we need to administer drenches or provide other forms of animal care.

John Tristram’s previous experience working on larger farms gives him the knowledge and confidence to work with lifestyle block animals. Treatments are administered with minimum stress which helps ensure the animal’s wellbeing and continued health.

If you are having problems, John has the knowledge and experience which can often remedy these before they become more serious.

  • Foot trimming
  • Crutching dags from sheep
  • Drenching/worming
  • Calving/Lambing problems
  • Docking tails
  • Fly strike
  • Advice on certain other animal health issues

If you need a helping hand to care for your animals, call John to arrange a visit or get advice. He will be pleased to help form a year round plan to provide care for your animals.