John repairing a farm gate

Repairs & Maintenance

The Leaf Company can help with any property maintenance work, either for a rental that needs a small paint job or fixing a damaged wall to the lifestyle block that has issues with gates, fences or water systems

Tenants, weather, stock damage or just natural aging can all lead to leaking water systems, poor fencing and sagging gates or doors. Left unattended, this can either waste precious water or allow stock to escape creating further damage or tenants not looking after your precious asset.

Lifestyle Block Repair and Maintenance ServiceThe Leaf Company will inspect your property and suggest important repairs that should be carried out. You do not have to worry about which is the correctly sized fence post, the type of gate latch or ballcock washer to buy – all this is done for you by an experienced professional.

“I get enormous satisfaction seeing problems resolved for our customers and knowing that their lifestyle will run more smoothly as a result.” – John Tristram

Get in touch with John at The Leaf Company if you need general maintenance on your property.